Selected Documents

For Meeting Materials & Handouts, please see:

Documents Mentioned by Gary Jones in the 1/18 afternoon plenary session:
Annual Faculty Review/Tenure & Promotion Template, WCU (DRAFT)

Carnegie (Elective) Classification, Community Engagement [and see links to Change below]
(All UNC universities sent representatives; some or many may apply)
    Carnegie Classifications
    Community Engagement Described
    Documentation Framework
    Documentation Framework            (PDF version)
    Workshop at GA, 1-15-08, WCU draft summary
    Workshop at GA, Attendees          (PDF version)

Sustainability, Basic sample report from NCSA (absent estimated cost avoidance)
Sustainability, Related issues (e-mail sent to GA & FA task force members)
Sustainability, Related Links

UNC-Tomorrow: Selected implications for faculty roles & responsibilities, workload, and evaluation  (PDF version)

Post-Meeting Documents (provided by Judith Wegner)

UNC Tomorrow Workshop Agenda (Carolina Connects) [DOC]
UNC Tomorrow Breakout Groups (Carolina Connects)    [DOC]
Resources for Ongoing UNC Tomorrow Discussions (Links) [DOC]
(Campus Compact; Carnegie Community Engagement; faculty-oriented programs; student-oriented programs; sustainability; health; UNC-T)
FA Resolution UNC-T (Nov. 19; Adopted)
Carnegie's Community Engagement Classification: Intentions and Insights (Article in Change magazine; PDF)
Attaining Carnegie's Community Engagement Classification (Article in Change; PDF)