Western Carolina University
November 20, 2003

From our roundtable discussion of Nov. 20, a few follow-up suggestions regarding the UNC Web presence:
(- Gary Jones, WCU)


At the top of the TLTC Web homepage, a statement by President Broad in which she recognizes the importance of educational technology to the future of North Carolina higher education. Additionally, a sentence from the president encouraging all chancellors to, in turn, encourage deans and department chairs to append to established tenure and promotion guidelines a provision formally recognizing that faculty development in educational technology is of great importance to the state and shall be considered in T & P decisions.  No specific "weight" need be established.  The positive repercussions of such a statement could be widespread, and the budget impact would be zero.


The current TLTC Website is very professional looking and navigable, but that is not the same thing as faculty-friendly.  Could another page be developed that is devoted to curious faculty whose skills and knowledge may not be on the cutting edge?  Little new information would have to be developed -- just easier and more intuitive ways to get to existing information.
Such a page might include the following headings, each with subordinate links:

TLTC Faculty Support and Collaborative Opportunities

Potential Grant Sources
Budget Considerations
Useful links relating to Blackboard
Useful links relating to WebCT
WebCT Community Resources
Pedagogical Resources / Interface with Faculty Development
WebCT Related
Faculty Development: Better Online Teaching (from WebCT)
WebCT Faculty Resources
Exemplar Educational Websites
TLTC Professional Development Portal
TLTC Interest Groups & Listserves
Other Relevant Special Interest Groups
Ed Tech and Assessment
UNC TLT Conferences (highlights)
UNC Association of Teaching Center Directors

Technical Connections

Ed Tech Centers
Faculty Learning Communities (Technology)

UNC Faculty Assembly Technology Committee
UNC Information Resources
UNC Partnerships and Memberships
UNC IT Websites and CIOs   Can the benefits of this membership be more clearly explained?

A brief but clear explanation of Web DAV

Outside Resources and Coming Attractions

Merlot Committee
AAHE/Carnegie (again, see above)
Links to other useful 3rd party software(?)  [e.g., Respondus; Daedalus, others...]

Brief Explanations of the following:

Posted by Gary H. Jones, WCU, December 18, 2003

TLTC 2002-2005 Strategic Plan
TLTC Operating Plan
TLTC Effective Practices (Compendium)