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Reading Assignments

Before May 16

Some of this material will be on the final exam.  See Ethics page

Before May 23

Whistleblowing  (know the headings; reading the entire article is optional)

Before May 30

The Environment

Before June 03/04

Corporate Codes of Ethics
International business

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Before May 16  (for Midterm exam)

1.  United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
All: the Preamble through Article 30



2.  Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt 
Only (a) the Proclamation, and (b) Chapter 3


Egyptian Constitution


Excerpt from the Constitutional Proclamation (beginning of document)

Freedom For The Humanity Of The Egyptian Man Having realized that man’s humanity and dignity are the torches that guide and direct the course of the enormous development of mankind towards its supreme ideals.

The dignity of every individual is natural reflection of the dignity of his nation, for each individual is a cornerstone in the edifice of the homeland . This homeland derives its strength and prestige from the value of each individual, his activity and dignity .

The sovereignty of law is not only a guarantee for the freedom of the individual but is also the sole basis for the legality of authority.

The alliance of the popular working forces is not a means for social conflict towards historical development, it is , in this modern age, with its climate and ways , a safety valve protecting the unity of the working powers of the nation and eliminating contradictions within these forces through democratic interaction


We the working masses of the people of Egypt - out of determination, confidence and faith in all our national and international responsibilities, and in acknowledgment of God’s right and His messages, and in recognition of the right of our nation as well as of the principle and responsibility of mankind, and in the name of God and with His assistance - declare on the Eleventh of September 1971 that we accept and grant ourselves this Constitution, asserting our firm determination to defend and protect it, assuring our respect for it.


Chapter Three: Public Freedoms, Rights and Duties
Excerpt is below, but you are asked to read all of Chapter Three (link is above)

Article.40: All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination due to sex, ethnic origin, language, religion or creed.

Article.41: Individual freedom is a natural right not subject to violation except in cases of flagrante delicto. No person may be arrested, inspected, detained or have his freedom restricted in any way or be prevented from free movement except by an order necessitated by investigations and the preservation of public security. This order shall be given by the competent judge or the Public Prosecution in accordance with the provisions of the law.


Before May 23


Advertising  (also, please see lecture notes)
American Advertising Federation, Ethics and Principles

Whistleblowing (read for main points)

Ethics, Whistleblowing article

Business Ethics and Cheating on Exams

Before May 30


The "Triple Bottom Line"  The consistent thread among the bigger corporations embracing social responsibility is the long-term health of their economic bottom line. While Shell, Weyerhaeuser and Alcan may have had moral leaders in the boardroom, it’s easy to explain their motives in strict business terms. Everyone in the CSR field, however, is fluent in the notion of the ‘triple bottom line’, a term coined in 1997 by United Kingdom business consultant John Elkington ( ).   Elkington argued – and much of the corporate world seems to agree – that there should be more to a company balance sheet than a profit number. There is also an environmental bottom line that tallies a company’s negative impact in balance with its remediation efforts, and a social bottom line that considers everything from how a company treats its employees to how its operations affect the neighbors.

The Earth Charter (PDF brochure, 4 pages.  Please read this brochure for understanding; I am not asking you to memorize it, of course -- but I may ask some general questions relating to this charter on the final exam)

Same document, printable version, English

Same document, printable version, in Arabic

Earth Charter, Link:

Before June 03/04


An introduction that covers the debate about the function and value of codes of ethics.

UN Global Compact, Ten Principles

The Future of  Global Business Ethics Programs


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