CIS195: The Information Society at Work

Fall 2008





Business Week, 5-5-2008

Virtual Conferences' Home Advantage


Business Week, 5-8-2008

The (Virtual) Global Office


Business Week, 2008

[Slide Show only]

Virtually Bridging Corporate Gaps


Business Week, 5-5-2008

Second Life Marketing: Still Strong


Business Week, 5-5-80

CEO Guide to Technology, Podcast


USA Today, 7-24-2008

On The Job: Virtual job fairs expand search options (Atlanta)

Career fairs (part 2): Hosting a successful virtual event


Portals and KM (Blog). 2-11-2008

Virtual Environments for Business: Unisfair


Chief Marketer, 2-26-2008

The Real World Marketing Value of Virtual Events


Venture Beat, 4-16-2008

Unisfair launches version 2.0 of virtual trade events builder


Internet Evolution, 3-20-2008

Dos and Doníts of Virtual Events


Mashable (All thatís new on the Web), 1-19-2008 [comparatively negative view]

Unisfair, Catering Virtual Events For Corporations, Attracts $10m Investment




NYT, 9-12-07

Cyberspace Trade Shows Bring Action to the Desktop


Publishing Executive, 12-21-2007

Tips on Using Virtual Events to Generate New Revenue