CIS605  Managerial Communication

Final Paper:

The final paper will be a write up of six-to-eight weeks of student research on a contemporary managerial communication issue.  Ideally, the focus of this paper will be a communication issue (internal or external) from the student's place of work.  The anaylsis will be based on principles of organizational communication from the text and outside readings and employ sound research methodology as discussed in class).

The paper will be double-spaced, in APA style and format, 12-15 pages in length.  The paper should incorporate 8-to-12 outside references, at least half academic.  Details linked below.

CIS605 Paper:  General description, specific formatting and organizational requirements (detailed topic descriptions to be provided in class).  This is a PDF document; you must have downloaded the (free) Adobe PDF Reader to access this page.

Writing Resources page will also prove helpful in this effort
UNC Kenan-Flagler Resources
Plagiarism and how to avoid it  (PDF).
Ethics 101 (On plagiarism; fairly comprehensive through 2002)

Here is an example of a formal research report (PDF) I wrote a couple years ago.
I donít expect you to read it all, but if you look at it you do get an idea of formal
writing style and organization.  Other examples of reports to be posted.

Fifteen Common Errors
Example of a TOC and Executive Summary  (PDF)

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