Scholarly Journal vs. Trade Magazine  (various sources)
Academic, Trade, and Popular publications - Selected examples
Prof. G. Jones
Scholarly Journal
Trade Magazine
Most Substantive
Purpose: Disseminate results of original research done by scholars in a particular field Report industry trends, new products or techniques
Subjects/Content: As implied above, original theory, methodology, or research May report scholarly research; typically covers information related to purpose, above
Research: Primary (original research/data), secondary (analysis of existing data), or qualitative (little or no quantitative data--see "Organization" N/A
Audience: Limited; generally researchers and specialists in the field Pratitioners in the profession, business or industry
Accountability (review process): Peer reviewed by an editorial board or or outside scholars for content (then edited) Edited for style (perhaps some content issues)
References: Includes bibliography 
Primarily or exclusively scholarly references
No bibliography 
Few if any scholarly references
Authors: Scholars with advanced academic credentials; always identified; often multiple (co-authored) Practitioners/specialists in the industry; may not be identified; typically a single author
Less Substantive
Writing style, tone, and language: Formal style which usually adheres to MLA (humanities) or APA (social sciences); serious; language and terminology is that of the discipline covered Less formal; less technical; less academic
Organization/structure: Look for literature review, hypothesis, methodology, findings, conclusions. Secondary research will have a lit review, synthesis, perhaps historical overview Organization is not formally prescribed
Form: Almost always begin with an abstract (summary); end with a bibliography Don't.
Appearance: Covers are plain, text only; content is primarily text, black on white; articles may contain tables and graphs, but no photos Covers relatively eye-catching, often with industry-related themes; articles contain graphics, photographs & illustrations; Usually, but not always, on slick and glossy paper
Publication: Almost always monthly or quarterly May be monthly; often weekly
Pagination: Typically paginated continuously throughout the publishing year Paginated from "1" by volume (that is, edition)
Affiliation: Usually associated with a scholarly association Usually associated with a trade organization (although some scholarly associations--and some commercial enterprises-- do publish a trade)
Access: Available in college and university libraries; articles on specific topics can be identified by using specialized periodical indexes The most well-known may be available in libraries; some may be available on-line (see my links elsewhere); often by personal subscription only
Least Substantive
Advertising: Little, usually none Advertisements directly related to a profession or trade; often contain employment want-ads
Title: Frequently have "Journal" or "Quarterly" in the name of the journal Don't (typically, but it is possible)
Subscription: Typically by joining (paying the membership fee) of the sponsoring association Similar -- by joining the trade organization
Length: Typically lengthy, often over 15 pages Typically 1-5 pages
Subscription price: Pricey, often over $100 Less pricey, usually under $100