Biostatistics (biol 467)






notes, study guides, syllabus, etc. will be posted for 2019 spring term in December


    topic 1: language of experiments (variables, treatments, replication, balance) and
               overview of experimental designs (crd, rcbd, nested)

  topic 2: how to structure datasets, import them into R, and summarize them

  topic 3: principles of inference: sample vs. statistical population; description vs. inference

  topic 4: CRD experiments with one continuous RV & one categorical EV
               (including fixed effects vs. random effects)
  topic 5: "experiments" with two continuous variables or two ordinal variables

  topic 6: experiments with one continuous EV and one continuous RV
              (introduction to General Linear Models, including a 2nd look at topic 4)

  topic 7: experiments with one continuous RV and more than one continuous EV

  topic 8: CRD experiments with one continuous RV and at least two categorical EVs that are crossed

  topic 9: expts with one continuous RV, at least one categorical EV, and a continuous EV (covariate)

  topic 10: Randomized Complete Block Design (rcbd), Generalized rcbd, & repeated measure design

  topic 11: nested designs and designs that include both blocking and nesting

  topic 12: alternatives, including introduction to Generalized Linear Models

  topic 13: experiments with one categorical RV and one continuous EV 

  topic 14: experiments with only categorical variables: analysis of frequencies (i.e., counts) & relative frequencies (i.e., proportions) 

  topic 15: multivariate data reduction techniques
  A few of gazillion helpful websites

1. Quick References
Quick-R: an excellent site by Rob Kabacoff (author of "R in Action")
R Studio Cheat Sheets

2. My favorite "R" sites with more detailed explanations and examples
**Murray Logan (author of "Biostatistical Design & Analysis Using R") - instruction with examples**
*William King (Coastal Carolina University) - instruction with examples
*UCLA's Institute of Digital Research and Education - instruction with examples
Winston Chang (author of "R Cookbook") - R examples
The Analysis Factor - R tutorials and workshops
Mark Gardener (author of several R books) - R tutorials
William Revelle (Psychology, Northwestern University) - instruction with examples
Chi Yau's (author of "R Tutorial") - R tutorials
John M. Quick (author of "Statistical Analysis with R") - R tutorials
UC-Riverside's Bioinformatics Institute - R Programming
Michael Whitlock & Dolph Schluter - R code used in their book, "Analysis of Biological Data"

3. R Tutorials, News, Jobs, etc.: R-Bloggers

4. The official R website:

5. Real Statistics with Excel (created by Charles Zaiontz) - incredible site and generous man