Lab Componnent of Human Biology (biol 104)

Schedule of activities listed below.  Click here for the lab syllabus

Grades (2018 Dec 1)
  Schedule of Lab Activities
Worksheets typically will be linked to this site the Saturday or Sunday before the relevant class period.  Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat or another program that opens PDF files is required to print the worksheets.

Keep worksheets for use during lab exams, but don't let this mislead you into thinking the exams are bogus.  You won't find answers in the worksheets.  Rather, if you've correctly completed the worksheets or corrected your answers in the worksheets, the worksheets will provide examples you can follow during the exams.  The exams will measure your ability to evaluate the design of experiments and form conclusions based the results of experiments using the same thought processes you learn from the activities you complete during lab class.

week 1, Aug 20-23 safety orientation and self-demonstration that we’re made of cells  ( no worksheet to print)
week 2, Aug 27-30 the language of experiments / using experiments to answer questions
week 3, Sep 3-6 safety orientation if you missed it week 1, otherwise, no Human Bio lab class this week
week 4, Sep 10-13 error in expts, conclusions about samples, and inferences about statistical populations
week 5, Sep 17-20 practice for the first exam  
week 6, Sep 24-27 lab exam 1  (study guide
week 7, Oct 1-4

metabolism & nutrition

week 8, Oct  8-11 no Human Bio lab class this week (fall break)
week 9, Oct 15-18 Do you have the warrior allele? (DNA extraction & PCR / no worksheet) 
week 10, Oct 22-25 Do you have the warrior allele? (gel electrophoresis)
week 11, Oct 29-Nov1 no Human Bio lab class this week (advising)
week 12, Nov 5-8 challenges to our immune system  (part 1)
week 13, Nov 12-15 challenges to our immune system  (part 2) and review for exam 2
week 14, Nov 19-22 no Human Bio lab class this week (Thanksgiving)
week 15, Nov 26-29 lab exam 2 (**study guide **)
 week 16, Dec 3-6 go over answers to lab exam 2