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Careers in Biology
(information & job search sites specific to biology)

Check-off Sheets
: These check-off sheets are MS Word files and should open in Word if you have it installed. I keep up with your progress by updating one of these each semester.

 - Pre-Health Professional Concentration
 - Cell and Molecular Biology Concentration
 - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration
 - General Biology Concentration

Course Descriptions: important for identifying prerequisites and co-requisites.

Liberal Studies Classes:  remember that one of your Liberal Studies courses must be 300-level or 400-level.  You can fulfill this requirement *and* one of your biology upper-level electives *and* one of your Humanities requirements all at once with one of the following:  PAR 332 (Biomedical Ethics) or PAR 333 (Environmental Ethics).  Yes, three requiements satisfied by one course.  Here's a list of Liberal Studies Courses offered 2019 spring.

Schedule of Classes: 2019 Spring Schedul in Excel format and in PDF format
Excerpt from 2019 Spring Schedule showing only Upper Level Biology Courses