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Careers in Biology
(information & job search sites specific to biology)

Check-off Sheets
: These check-off sheets are MS Word files and should open in Word if you have it installed. I keep up with your progress by updating one of these each semester.

 - Pre-Health Professional Concentration
 - Molecular Biology Concentration
 - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration
 - General Biology Concentration

Course Descriptions: important for identifying prerequisites and co-requisites.

Liberal Studies Classes:  remember that one of your Liberal Studies courses must be 300-level or 400-level.  You can fulfill this requirement *and* one of your biology upper-level electives *and* one of your social science requirements all at once with one of the following:  PAR 332 (Biomedical Ethics) or PAR 333 (Environmental Ethics).  Yes, three requiements satisfied by one course.

Schedule of Classes for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 spreadsheet format.
 Excerpt from Fall 2018 spreadsheet