Greg Adkison

(, 828-227-3655)

   PhD, Biology, University of Kentucky, 2000
   MS, Biology, Indiana State University, 1991
   BSEd, Secondary Education, JSU, 1988
   BS, Biology, Jacksonville State Univ., 1987

Trying to throw ends at nearby play spot (2007).
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Courses Taught
  Human Genetics (biol 102)
  Environmental Biology (biol 103)
  Human Biology (biol 104)
  21st Century Biology (biol 105)
  Principles of Biology II (biol 141)
  Introductory Genetics (biol 240)
  Biostatistics (biol 467)

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Page Updated August 2016
  I wished to live deliberately, to...learn
  what [life] had to teach, and not, when
  I came to die, discover that I had not
  lived...I wanted to live deep and suck
  out all the marrow of life...