Not many scientists are studying the Chytrid Fungus. Even though it is a very important fungus that causes a serious disease and can have great negative consequences, it is not an important priority to scientists. Because of this, there is not a full proof treatment used to treat Chytridiomycosis. There have been a few successful treatments of the fungus, which include introducing the frogs to high enough temperatures, fungicidal baths, and anti-fungal drugs. These treatments, however, have a negative affect on the frogs in the long run. The one that shows most potential and is most available and cost-effective is itraconazole, a drug administered as a bath. When used, at least two treatment cycles should be used. Unlike other drugs that just prolong the frogs life, itraconazole actually cures them of the fungus. Introduction to high temperatures also works well, but it dries out the frogs skin.

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