Chytrid Fungus and Tadpoles

The Chytrid Fungus is mainly affecting frogs because it is an aquatic fungus. When frogs reproduce, they create tadpoles. Tadpoles live in fresh water, and since the Chytrid Fungus also lives in fresh water, it kills off many tadpoles. That is why the frog population is declining so rapidly. More than 67% of tadpoles get the fungus and the death rate for tadpoles with the fungus is virtually 100%. Unlike frogs, tadpoles have most of the keratin in their bodies located in their mouths. When they get the fungus it stays in their mouths until they metamorphose. When the tadpoles begin to metamorphose into frogs, the keratin in their mouths spreads to the skin all over there bodies and the virus begins to spread from their mouths to the rest of their body. Usually, within 10 days, the newly metamorhposing tadpoles are dead.

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