Chytrid Fungus and Population of Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs

The Chytrid Fungus is declining the populations of over ninety species of amphibians around the world. Among these are the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs in California and Nevada. These frogs used to inhabit the southern mountains of California and the Sierran range. These frogs used to be the most common amphibian in these mountains, but they are dying out very quickly. After surveying historical sites that were documented to have frogs, only 18.6% of the sites actually contained frogs. Out of 86 sites that were documented, only 16 had frogs. The Mountain Yellow-Legged species is an endangered species and is also an endemic species (death rate is higher than birth rate). These frogs will soon be extinct if nothing is done about the chytrid Fungus.

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