My research focuses on state politics & policy, political communication, political psychology, and southern politics.  Please see below for copies of forthcoming or recent papers.  You may also be interested in my recent edited book.

A Sample of Published Work

2012.  “Mass Political Behavior and the Big Five Factors of Personality.”  Journal of Applied Social Psychology.  Forthcoming (with Alan Socha and Lauren Golden).

2011.  “Case Salience and Media Coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court.”  Political Research Quarterly.  Forthcoming (with Todd A. Collins).

  1. 2011. “Reassessing the College Sophomore Problem:

The Case of Personality and Politics.”  Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied. Forthcoming (with David M. McCord and Alan Socha).

2011.  “Regional Identity and Policy Choice.”  Journal of Appalachian Studies.  Forthcoming (with Gibbs Knotts and Don Livingston).

  1. 2011. “The Geography of Regional Identity in

Appalachia.”  Southeastern Geographer.  Forthcoming (with Gibbs Knotts and Katie Elders).

2010.  “Declining Dixie: Regional Identification in the Modern American South.”  Social Forces 88: 1083-1102(with Gibbs Knotts).

2010.  “Rethinking the Boundaries of the South.”  Southern Cultures Winter: 72-88.  (with Gibbs Knotts).

2010.  Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the M5-50: An Implementation of the International Personality Item Pool Item Set.” Psychological Assessment (with Alan Socha and David McCord).

2010.  “Scholarly Productivity in Non-PhD Departments.”  PS: Political Science and Politics 43: 509-514 (with Todd A. Collins and Gibbs Knotts).

2009.  “Representative Reporters? Journalists and Media Bias in Context.”  Social Science Quarterly 90: 387-406 (with Martin Johnson)

2009.  “The Content of Political Participation: Letters to the Editor and the People Who Write Them.”  PS: Political Science and Politics 131-137. (with Gibbs Knotts and Moshe Haspel).

2009.  “The Value of Voterfiles for U.S. State Politics Research.”  State Politics and Policy Quarterly (with Gibbs Knotts and Moshe Haspel).

2009.  “Public Opinion on Land Use Policies.”  Popular Government 75: 24-28 (with Gibbs Knotts).

2008.  “The Importance of Trust in Government for Public Administration: The Case of Zoning.”  Public Administration Review 68: 459-468 (with Gibbs Knotts and Kathleen Brennan).

2008.  “Rural Mountain Natives, In-Migrants and the Cultural Divide.”  Social Science Journal 45: 279-295 (with Kathleen Brennan).

2007.  “Interest Groups and Journalists in the States.”  State Politics and Policy Quarterly 7: 39-53 (with Anthony Nownes and Martin Johnson).

2006.  “Institutions and Representational Roles in U.S. State Legislatures.”  State Politics and Policy Quarterly 6: 174-194 (with Lilliard Richardson).

2006.  “Region, Race, and Support for the South Carolina Confederate Flag.”  Social Science Quarterly 87: 142-154 (with Gibbs Knotts).

2006.  “E-Mail Communication and the Policy Process in the State Legislature.”  Policy Studies Journal 34: 113-129 (with Lilliard Richardson)

2005.  “Perceptions of Power: Interest Groups in Local Politics.”  State and Local Government Review 37: 206-216 (with Anthony Nownes and Steven Roberts).

2004.  “Legislative Representation in a Single-Member versus Multiple-Member District System: The Arizona State Legislature.”  Political Research Quarterly 57: 337-344 (with Lilliard Richardson and Brian Russell).

2004.  “Money Well Spent? An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Advertorials on Citizen Opinion”  American Politics Research 32: 546-569 (with Anthony Nownes).

2004.  “Defining Dixie: A State-Level Measure of the Modern Political South.”  American Review of Politics 25: 25-40 (with Gibbs Knotts)

  1. 2004. “Internet Use in the State Legislature.”  Social

Science Computer Review 22: 347-354

2003.  “Citizen Groups in Big City Politics.”  State and Local Government Review 35: 102-111 (with Anthony Nownes)..

2002.  “Media Tactics in the State Legislature.”  State Politics and Policy Quarterly 2: 353-371.

2002.  “E-Mail in the State Legislature: Evidence from Three States.”  State and Local Government Review 127-132.

2001.  “Depictions of Public Service in Children’s Literature: Revisiting an Understudied Aspect of Political Socialization.”  Social Science Quarterly 82: 616-632 (with Marc Schwerdt).