Teaching Experience
Dr. Catherine Carter

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Department of English (Fall 1999-present)


ENGL 493, Advanced Creative Writing in Poetry (Spring 2013)
ENGL 491, Supervised Student Teaching in English
ENGL 471, Modern Poetry
ENGL 463,
American Literature Since 1945
ENGL 418, Fundamentals of Teaching Literature
ENGL 417, Methods of Teaching English
ENGL 414, Methods of Teaching Composition
ENGL 412, Grammar for Writers
ENGL 401, Writing for Careers
ENGL 312 Grammar for Teachers
ENGL 309, Poetry Writing
ENGL 303, Introdution to Professional Writing

ENGL 302, Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 262, American Survey II
ENGL 231, Introduction to Literature
ENGL 207, Popular Fiction
ENGL 203, Major American Writers
ENGL 191, Freshman Writing Seminar
ENGL 190, Freshman Seminar in Literature (Mythologies)
ENGL 102, Composition II
ENGL 101, Composition I

Spring 2004

English IV, Senior Honors: course included WCU's English 102 for advance credit and early British literature to 1700.

Department of English and Parallel Program (1989-1998.)

ENGL341 Great American Writers, 1865-1945
ENGL312 Written Communications in Business
ENGL301 Advanced Composition
ENGL210 Short Story
ENGL204 Introduction to American Literature
ENGL202 Biblical and Classical Literature
ENGL200 Approaches to Literature
ENGL110 Critical Reading and Writing
ENGL110 Honors E110: Always Coming Home
ENGL110 Honors E110: Classical Mythology
ENGL110 Honors E110: Literature and Environment
ENGL011 English Essentials


Dr. Catherine Carter
Director of English Education
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