Play Anything
Evansville Review, Summer 2005
Dr. Catherine Carter

Gold Horizontal Line





Like almost everyone, I find it hard
to resist a musician, or actually anyone
smooth enough to make something look easy,
as this one guy could; this one sweet-
tempered light-eyed keyboard player,
bass player, pretty much everything player,
the one to whom three of us sent anonymous love
letters for a couple of months, mostly
to make him happy since he made us
so happy, though also for the chance to write
things like your eyes are blue tide pools
in which barracuda swim to snap at my heart

(which is not something you get to write just
every day); the guy I really fell for, though, only
when he fingered the keys on a squally old
flea-market accordion, and I said, you can play that?
and he said, truly, I can play anything.


Dr. Catherine Carter
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