Found on a County Road
The Journalist's Craft, Ed. Dennis Jackson, March 2002
Dr. catherine Carter

Gold Horizontal Line





That boy's just about crazy
as a bedbug. Let me tell you
she sent him forty times round
Robin Hood's barn, and he just keeps coming
back for more, tangles up his feet
in her hair, and no knowing
what color it is this week. She lies
like a dog on a rug,
and he just grins, happy as a pig
in shit, can't find his own ass
with both hands and a flashlight.
Tell you, she fucks him
every which way but happy, he goes
round that barn like he's on his way
to a fire--or maybe he's been there
already and likes the smell
of the smoke--but one
these days he's just gone shut
that barn door and won't ever come out
no more.


Dr. Catherine Carter
Director of English Education
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