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Beginning fall 2010, WCU moved to BlackBoard for its Learning Management System (LMS). All my courses have moved to that system. Please feel free to view prior semesters' courses below or email me for information regarding current courses I am teaching.

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Sample Student Paper
This is an essay written by a student in one of my Freshman classes. The assignment was quite open-ended, requiring little more than a substantive argument (4-7 pages) which supported, defended, and clarified a contestable position (thesis). This paper received an "A", primarily because it presented an intelligent thesis clearly in the beginning of the essay and supported that position with analysis of specific textual passages. It is by no means a "perfect" paper (you'll find some formulaic construction of the argument indicative of inexperienced writers, as well as a few technical errors); but it is smart, well thought through, well supported, and develops a distinctive critical tone, all marks of an "A" paper.

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