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Professional Letters and Memos

Resume and Cover Letters

Professional Reports

Student Report Examples
  • Kayaking Gear Replacement Project
    A project researching kayaking gear for an outfitting company and recommending replacement gear. To keep graphics and layout in place, these documents are in MSWord format.  Download to view.
    • T.S. Proposal
    • T.S. Progress Report
    • T.S. Final Report
      • Cover - MSWord version of the cover letter accompanying and introducing report.
      • Prefatory Material - MSWord version of the prefatory section (Title Page, ToC, and Exec. Summary).  This is perhaps the easiest way to manage the change in pagination from the prefatory material to the body of your report.
      • Body - MSWord version of the body of the report. (n.b. citation of sources is insufficient in this section; be sure to cite printed source thoroughly and correctly)
  • Desktop Publish Software Report Project
    This project recommends the purchase of a specific desktop publishing software program for a small B&B. This is an online version, so be aware that formatting for print will change the "look" of the document.
  • Career Report
    Final Report researching a career (recommending graduate schools and course of study for a medievalist). Note: this document is only the "body" of the report; it does not contain your required front matter (Title Page, Table of Contents, and Executive Summary)
Online Professional Usability Test Reports

Brochure & Flier Resources and Examples

  • Fliers
  • Brochures
    • - Publications Plus offers desktop publishing and printing services; check out its online portfolio for good examples of brochures.
    • American Insurance Association Law Publications Brochure
    • Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty Brochure (?)
    • Pressure Conversion RGA System Technical Brochure

White Paper Resources


Note the discussion of contents, introductory material, and formatting (headings, table of contents, cover pages, etc.) for these samples


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