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Minor in

Digital Communications

Engineering Technology

Instructor: Dr. Bruce H. Frazier, Coulter 254, 828-227-2400 (office), 7828-227-2733 (studio)
Email address: bfrazier@email.wcu.edu
 Dr. Frazier's Home Page  http://www3.wcu.edu/~bfrazier

There is an approved minor in Electronic Engineering Technology available to recording arts students in the Bachelor of Music Degree in Commercial and Electronic Music. 

The program is made available to students who are adept at math and science and want to know more about electronic circuitry as it applies to music and audio recording. These classes would be taken in addition to the complement of music courses listed in the catalog for the music major.

Notice that Math 145 and Physics 130 are required corequisite and prerequisite classes for this minor.    These can be taken as a part of the classes required in the Liberal Studies Program.

ECET 231         (4) Circuit Analysis I  (PREQ or COREQ Math 145)
ECET 290         (3) Computer Engineering Fundamentals
ECET 331         (4) Digital Integrated Circuits (PREQ ECET 231)
ECET 332         (4) Microcontrollers (PREQ ECET 331)
PHYS 131        (4) Introductory Physics II (PREQ PHYS 130)

Course Descriptions

MATH 145 Trigonometry (3) (Corequisite for ECET 231)
Basic trigonometry: functions, identities, graphs, solution of equations and triangles, complex numbers; analytical trigonometry. Credit not available for both MATH 144 and MATH 145. PREQ: 130 or consent of the director of mathematics placement.

PHYS 130 Introductory Physics I (4) (Prerequisite for PHYS 131)
Noncalculus-based treatment of motion, force, energy, and heat. COREQ: PHYS 130 lecture and PHYS 130 lab. 3 Lecture, 2 Lab. (Lecture - 3 credits, Lab 1 credit). (Lab is required.)

PHYS 131 Introductory Physics II (4)
A continuation of PHYS 130 covering electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics. PREQ: PHYS 130. COREQ: PHYS 131 lecture and PHYS 131 lab. 3 Lecture, 2 Lab. (Lecture 3 credits, Lab 1 credit) (Lab is required.)

ECET 231 Circuit Analysis I (4) (PREQ or COREQ Math 145)
Fundamental electrical theory involving DC/AC circuits. Topics include series, parallel, series-parallel networks; electromagnetic theory; transient circuit analysis; introduction to AC electricity. COREQ: MATH 145. 2 Lecture, 2 Recitation. 2 Lab.

ECET 290 Computer Engineering Fundamentals (3) 
An introductory course in the engineering study of microcomputers. Operating systems, bus architecture, memory structure, motherboard chip sets, and input/output boards will be studied. 2 Lecture, 2 Lab

ECET 331 Digital Integrated Circuits (4) (PREQ ECET 231)
Study of combinational and sequential digital circuits using integrated circuit techniques. PREQ: 231. 2 Lecture, 2 Lab, 2 Recitation.

ECET 332 Microcontrollers (4) (PREQ ECET 331)
Study of contemporary 8-bit microcontrollers. Microcontroller architecture, programming, and interfacing. PREQ: 331. 3 Lecture, 2 Lab.

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