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MUS 489
Music Industry Internship

Instructor: Dr. Bruce H. Frazier, Coulter 254, 828-227-2400
Email address: bfrazier@email.wcu.edu
 Dr. Frazier's Home Page  http://www3.wcu.edu/~bfrazier

Office hours by appointment

Overview:  This course provides full-or part-time work experience in an area of the music industry of the student's choice.  The internship entails a minimum of nine hours of work per week (or 135 hours) for each three credits.  The course may be taken in three-hour classes, a six-and a three-hour class, or a nine-hour class.  The internship has as a prerequisite MUS 378, Survey of the Music Industry.

Placement:  The student must locate and secure the internship.  The student must complete an Internship Proposal Form and submit it to the Music Office the semester prior to the internship.  The employer must agree in advance to complete a one-page evaluation form at the conclusion of the internship (see links below).

Internship Requirements: The student must complete a daily log that details the daily activities during the internship.  An attempt should be made to review as many operations associated with the business as possible.  The log should document approximate hours and/or minutes spent in various activities each day.  If necessary, the log should explain the duties associated with the types of activities.

Log Entry Example:
Monday, June 3, 2004
4 hour in sales counter work
 30 minutes in repair of selling facilities
 2 hours observing warehouse activities
 1 hour in general cleaning of the facility
 30 minutes in visitation of business related activities with supervisor
The sales counter work involves greeting the public, answering the phone, various sorting of display items, selling merchandise, and inventory control.

The observed warehouse activities involve the unpacking of inventory of items for sale.

The visitation involves the topic of how to get started in the business.

A list of duties that can be assigned on campus for a practicum or internship is available in PDF format.

Exit Interview: At the end of the internship the student will schedule an appointment for an exit interview with music faculty.  During this interview the log will be reviewed and the student's work experience will be discussed.

Student Evaluation: The student's grade will be based on the results of the employer survey, review of the daily log, and the exit interview with the music faculty. The final grade will be either S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory).

Forms:  The following forms, available in PDF format, may be printed out or saved to disk.

489 Proposal Form

489 Employer Survey Form

489 Syllabus

On-Campus Duties

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