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MUS 283 Music Technology Methods
Music Technology Links 

Organizations that Promote Music Technology in Education

  Association for Music Technology in Music Instruction   ATMI (www.music.org/atmi/)
  Technology Institue for Music Educators  TIME (www.ti-me.org/ti-me/)

Software for Computer Assisted Instruction - Macintosh and Windows

   Band in a Box   (www.pgmusic.com:80/products.htm)
   MiDisaurus  (www.musicwareinc.com/midisaurus.htm)
   Music Ace  (www.harmonicvision.com)
   Music LAB Melody   (www.musicwareinc.com/prod04.htm)
   Music Lab Harmony  (www.musicwareinc.com/music_lab_harmony.htm)
   Musicianship Basics  (www.dragnet.com.au/~donovan/mb/music.html)
   SmartMusic (www.codamusic.com/coda/sm.asp)

Software for Computer Assisted Instruction - Windows Only

    Piano   (www.musicwareinc.com/prod01.htm)

Software for Computer Assisted Instruction - Macintosh Only

   Imaja: Chronos  (www.imaja.com/Chronos.html)
   Imaja: Listen  (www.imaja.com/listen/index.html)
   Practica Musica  (www.ars-nova.com/practica.html)

Music Notation Software - Macintosh and Windows

   Score (Cubase)
   Finale 2000   (www.codamusic.com/coda/fin2000.asp)
   Finale Allegro 98  (www.codamusic.com/coda/finall98.asp)

Music Notation Software - Macintosh only

  Fermata   (www.opcode.com/products/fermata/)
  Mosaic   (www.motu.com/english/software/mosaic/mosaic.html)
  Nightingale  (www.musicwareinc.com/prod02.htm)

Music Notation Software - Windows only

  MusEdit  (www.musedit.com/index.htm)
  Personal Composer (www.musicwareinc.com/personal_composer.htm)
  PrintMusic!  (www.codamusic.com/coda/pm.asp)

Music Sequencing Software - Macintosh and Windows

   Cubase  (Cubase)
   Freestyle (www.motu.com/english/software/freestyle/freestyle.html)
   Logic  (Emagic)

Music Sequencing Software - Macintosh only

   Digital Performer   (www.motu.com/english/software/dp/splash.html)
   Performer   (www.motu.com/english/software/performer/perf6/audio.html)
   Vision DSP   (www.opcode.com/products/visiondsp)

Music Sequencing Software - Windows only

 Cakewalk Home Page (www.cakewalk.com)
 Digital Orchestrator Plus

Software for Marching Band - Macintosh or Windows

 Pygraphics, Inc. - Dynamic Drill Design  (www.pyware.com/3d.html)

Music Technology Related Magazines Online

 Electronic Musician   (www.emusician.com)
 Keyboard Magazine  (www.keyboardmag.com)